back home & lots of painting about to happen

We were out of town for the weekend, just got back last night...Had good times
with family, my bridal shower, lots of wedding plans happening and Jacob got two days in the studio. This all happened in the span of four days and we were pretty exhausted. I love the reinvigorated energy though of leaving town and coming home. It's a good way to boost my productivity and creativity. Had a good amount of sales while gone, so i'm feeling good about the next batch of brooches I'm making. I'll be getting them posted on Friday night, I have an Autumnal Showcase coming up on Saturday, so it's a good opportunity for visibility. Ok, I better get to work. If any family or friends are reading this, i'll get some photos up here soon of the festivities from Sunday:)

Ah, one of my bunny brooches made Front Page yesterday morn', yippee!

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1 comment:

Suzy said...

You're getting married???!!!!!
OMG - that's awesome. When, when, when?