Oh, Hello Friend Giveaway

Not much cash this year for holiday giving? What better way to get a bunch of holiday goods for free? Oh, Hello Friend'a Uber Uber Amazing Winter Giveaway, with loads of chances to win. I'm excited to say that I'm part of it. I sent in a set of my Antler Creature Magnets and Vintage Coffee Pot Magnets.

Photos courtesy of Oh, Hello Friend.

Here are links to all involved, this is a great way to shop for those still on your list. Of course visiting my shop is always appreciated:) Grab a hot beverage and shop shop shop!

paperwren shop & blog

bhive shop

kinzaw shop

cozyshack shop

the ardent sparrow shop & blog

kategriener shop & website

simplymein shop & blog

jessicajane shop & blog

madebyhank shop & blog

rifferaff shop & blog

grandmawasafloozy shop

creativeyarn shop & blog

designsbypriscilla shop

apunkincardcompany shop & blog

blackwhiteyellow shop & blog

spacedogstudios shop & website

loverlyink shop & blog

lolabags shop

thecraftywren shop & blog

miabeads shop

paperpumpkin shop

liztjepkema shop & blog

smock paper shop & website

sugar panda shop & blog

AlinaJolie shop & blog

Giveaway will end on Wednesday, December 17th at 9:00 pst!
This giveaway is international so everyone is included. Visit Oh, Hello Friend to enter!

Talk Soon,
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My First Snow

This is the first time I've ever lived in a climate where it snows. The majority of my life I lived in California, when I was a small child we lived in Hawaii. So this is VERY different, I love it. It's really quiet without all the usual passing of cars, very nice and peaceful. Also, I don't have to leave the house for any particular reason, I stocked up at the grocery store and my favorite fabric store when I heard it was going to be a snowy weekend, in order to have supplies for Christmas gift making. I've never driven in the snow, nor do I plan on it. Locals would call me a wuss, I'm fine with that. Being a complete novice at this winter weather, I did not wear waterproof mascara, black smudges captured for all time. So here's a pic I took instead of my dearest.

There are a ton of new resin cameos in the shop. Here are a few pics of some of my favorites. Regarding the last post, I have a new way of photographing these little guys with a piece of white vinyl I picked up at said fabric store the other day. It works pretty darn great by my window in the living room, a big improvement. So I've been retaking all my item photos with this new background to give a more cohesive look to my shop. I like it, white, clean and simple.

Merry Sunday,
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I Want A New Camera

A really good one that will enable me take better photos for my shop. Therefore sell more product. I spend way too much time trying to get my camera to take photos that are up to my standards. Sometimes I fail completely at this and just go with the best ones I have, but it drives me nuts. I'd rather be painting. I just needed to vent:) Thank you for listening/reading.

Going to make some hot cocoa and watch Lost. We are completely addicted, in the beginning of season 3.

Anyone ever watch 17 Kids and Counting? Holy moly...I don't even know how that happens.
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Cameos and Hot Cocoa

I've been busy! I'm really excited about this batch of cameos and I'm excited to share them. I'm listing a lot this week, no time to hesitate with the holidays around the corner. I'll keep this short and sweet, I need to clean up my "crafting raft" (my couch) for dinner:)

My favorite hot cocoa - milk, ovaltine, hazelnut syrup, kahlua
OMG, so good!
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Shop Update

I am busy painting new cameos for next week's shop update. I'll be painting all day tomorrow, pouring on Monday, taking listing photos and listing Tuesday. Perhaps I'll stagger pouring days, I have about 30 cameos ready to go, pouring resin tomorrow so that I can get them listed on Monday. That's the plan, MONDAY SHOP UPDATE! If I write it here then it gives me the gumption to stick to my word. Check back because there are really cute cameos that'd be perfect for gifting. More sewing machines, knitting needles and yarn, bicycles...and cameras, little bear matryoshkas & bunnies. I also made a custom one for a friend today that I can't share because she just may read about on here:) But after the holidays, I'll share. Promise. I'm quite excited about this one.

On a side note, it's almost winter and it's cold! The kitchen in my house is always much colder than the rest of the house because the heater doesn't pump into it. Totally proven this afternoon when I was talking and I could see my breath. We're just being extra "festive" this year, no need for fake snow on the windows.

On another side note. I never did share our wedding invites with everyone that I painted. I'm planning on getting this one and others into the shop for other people to use via electronic files to get printed for their own invites, etc. Without our names of course:)

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Holidays and Pikaland

Really brainstorming hand made holiday gifting for this year. I have a lot of updating in the shop to do, balancing that with making my personal holiday gifts can be tricky. My gifting goals for the rest of this week are to get started baking and make some rice bags. You heat them in the microwave for a heat pack, they are wonderful on your shoulders. I made one with mung beans for myself because that was the only rice or legume that had been sitting in the pantry for awhile, the smell is kinda musty and sweet, but not for everyone...I may experiment on different beans, but rice it just may be.

Part of the December Pikapackage Project is up on Pikaland, including yours truly. I sent in sets of my vintage coffee pot magnets and the matching cup magnets that I have yet to put in the shop, also a few assorted brooches. I'm excited to be amidst such great talent, very inspiring indeed.

I can't say enough about how much I love my new immersion hand blender. I'm becoming a master of Butternut Squash soup.

Off to work,
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I'm Back!

Well, it's been an extremely eventful few weeks, hence my lack of updates. After my last entry I came down with the flu for a week, got married, honeymooned, Thanksgiving'd, drove a ton of miles, now I'm getting back into the swing of things back at home. Preparing for the holidays, wholesale orders, crafting gifts, organizing house and resting is on my schedule. This year has been a very busy one with lots of change, with moving states, touring abroad and in the states for months, getting hitched and all sorts of peaks and valleys. I welcome a more organized and mellow 2009, we shall see.

Upcoming this week -
I'll be working on a ton of new cameos this week.
Artwork layout of my friend Catherine Feeny's new record. Perhaps I'll get to post some photos well before the release.
Holiday cards and tons of thank you cards to be written.

Thank you to the b-line for featuring my bicycle cameo:)

Happy December,
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