A hint to say "thank you" and "hey" more often

I started a few different photographic series of domestic
still life's of things around my home, things i love, or
things that are just plain good or cute. So it makes sense
for them to be a more portable piece of art...Cards!
I love making things that are ultra functional in an artistic
way. So me needing to keep in better touch the old fashioned
way or to send a thank you note to Aunt Mildred, I can do it
with my own creation, very crafty indeed.

These are all Limited Edition sets.
This card is from my 'Bird in a Nest' photo and they're in the shop
here. Sets of 8 will be available later tomorrow or the next day.

This is 'Wooden Spoons'. I love wooden spoons, I get very excited to find one that
surpasses my expectations of a spoon. Crazy...yes. My favorite spoon at home
is from Scandinavia, it has the best shape, rounded on one side and a corner
on the other for scraping. Very user friendly and made from good wood. It makes
me happy every time i use it, this is what "things" in our life should do!

These guys below should be in the shop in the next couple days, i'm staggering my listings.

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CitizenRobots said...

I like your photo setups!!! The teacups are super cute. I know they're not the FOCUS but I can't help but notice them. :)