my new love...brooches

So i've discovered a new outlet for my sometimes impatient inner crafter. Brooches. Not your traditional Grandma brooches, these puppies are hand painted and a one of a kind piece of wearable art. I was thinking about how to incorporate wearable art more into my shop. But whenever adding something new, I do think about the space issues of storing things, so these small little wonders are perfect. I tried my hand at an embroidered one, but the rest are painted. For the painted ones, I use acrylic paint on dark brown faux leather. I seal the paint with a protective gloss coating.
I then cut each piece out with my wonderful scallop scissors, add a layer of forest green wool (which is a recycled army blanket) and another layer of pleather. This fake leather is the best, it's left over from me recovering my kitchen table chairs. I recommend this to everybody that needs to recover a chair seat. This stuffs wipes clean in a flash and is very durable. Perfect for peeps with messy little ones:)
These are already up in the shop -

My to do list for the day:
*Finish RSVP and info cards for the wedding invitations & get them printed
*Set up sewing table (i finally found a great user friendly table that fits)
*Work on songs
*Paint some more brooches

If I do all that today i'll be sitting pretty. My old man is in the studio recording right now, so I get long stretches of time where I can be creative, in my pajamas and my hair up in a bun. Wait, that's me most days.

My mom and I were talking about babies last night and she said "I don't think I got to brush my hair the whole first year after you were born", that leaves a funny image in my head. Reminds me of this great illustration by Amanda Kindregan I saw the other day. Check out her shop here.

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Hi-- I found your blog through Flickr, and I'm enjoying looking around. Be back soon!!