Autumn Giveaway & Blog Love

I'm so pleased to be a part of Jessica's Autumn Giveaway on her blog Unconditional Love. Here's a photo of the one I'm in, it's the bunny brooch on the bottom left side. You can enter until Friday here, there are directions on what you must include in your comment to be entered...

Here are links to Jessica's shops on etsy, really really great stuff, please visit her:
Jessica Jane - Etsy Shop
Petite House - Etsy Shop
Unconditional Love - Blog

On another sweet note, a thank you to Pomegranates for featuring craftyFOLK on her "I Love Your Blog" award list. You can visit that here. I have to say that being listed right under Ordinary Forest is quite extraordinary:)

I'm off to work on a song I started today, I have to switch gears a tad to work on the EP...happy writing.

Here's a better look at the my brooch from the contest -

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1 comment:

Rane said...

I am so in love with your little
people! My daughter is too!
They are soooo cute! I love this
one with the bunny ears and
strawberry shaw! Ack! There should
be laws against this cute!
Thanks for sharing!