The Most Bang for your Dollar

Last week I ordered the 100 free business cards using this little girl when Overnight Prints was running their special and I just received them last night. Well, they actually were sitting on my porch for over a day unbeknownst to me, apparently I don't get out much. I made them even more cost effective (you do still pay shipping, which for me was $9) by getting two designs printed on one card and then cutting them in half, voila! 200 business cards for $9 total, radical. Needing a versatile card that I can use as a hang tag or mini business card I went with the one sided option so I can add a sticker or write on the back if need be. I'm quite smitten with these! Overnight Prints is running a 100 FREE special on 4x6 postcards through tomorrow Friday. You can do the same type of thrifty printing with the postcards, cutting them in half, thirds, quarters, all sorts of ways. Get creative, it's a great way to spend $9.

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katy said...

i think it is my fav !
i just love it !