New Project

I've been searching for new ways to broaden my small paintings, small vintage frames, vintage brooch settings, ceramic wall hangings. I get very bored of the "jewelry scene" and don't really consider myself a part of it, though by default I suppose I am. All I know is that I like painting in small scale and I want people to purchase and enjoy my art, whether they're wearing it or hanging it on their wall. While on the hunt I stumbled upon these beautiful blank porcelain pieces and knew they must be mine. I was only able to find 3 of these, so limited to three it shall be. They measure a wee 2 x 1.5 inches and will be in the shop later this week, check back here for shop announcements. I have yet to decide their final fate, a necklace?, a wall cameo? perhaps both?....hmmmm.

Who else is excited about being able to use google analytics for your etsy shop? I am. Perhaps it's another tiny time suck over a cup of coffee, but for us who have a goal of paying bills with art it's another step in the right direction.

Dear Internet,
I don't think I've told lately, but I Love You. I know I take you for granted and get all pissy when I have a slow connection, but I am grateful nonetheless.

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ada and the fox said...

oh, these are so wonderful!!! i need to sell more things just so i can get some lovelies like this...

well, all i have to say is, if you ever want to do a trade, i'm in! ;)

jessicajane said...

gosh those are so incredibley cute! i was actually going to make some cameo settings like this out of ceramic...i just havent gotten around to it! But when I do, I should let you know how they turn out just in case you might like some?

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Yay !So cute !

I just discovered google analytics and OH MY GOD ! I'm hooked !!!

I love being able to locate the visitors ! That is so exciting !
But something weird happened : apparently 4 visitors have been linked to my shop through Creature Comforts -that I love- although I haven't commented there in months -even before my Etsy shop opened- and I'm not even in their Etsy faves ... And there's no link to y shop on the site ...
Weird ! Do things like that happen to you as well ?

Sorry for the long babble !
x x x