Out of the Woods

I am ready for this new year, I have my plans written on a text edit and I'm ready to commence. Here is the first shop update for the new year, a few new brooches made with white faux leather. I really like working on the white, it's a nice change. They'll all in the shop within the next few hours. Also below is a few of the handmade gifts I doled out this holiday season. I really enjoyed making all these, I took over the living room completely, set up my sewing machine and watched movies for about a week straight, it was really fun. I highly recommend rice bags for anyone that sews, these have an envelope cover so you can launder them. I bought a 20 pound bag of rice and that made 5 1/2 bags, the 6th bag got filled up the rest of the way with some brown rice from my pantry, so one of my recipients rice bag is a tad fancier:) You pop them in the microwave for 3-4 minutes and you have the best heating pad in the world, safer too. The magnets are a personal joke for one of my family, a pet peeve reminder of theirs for the fridge. They got big laughs.

Holiday Gifts-

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Ooh lovely pressies !
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