The Good, The Bad & The Darn Right Ugly Side Of Things...aka Life

These last few days have been good (and busy!) and things are falling into place after a few weeks of bummer news compounded by more bummer news. I found myself frequently thinking that I'd like to just go to sleep and start over, I was wearing a very cozy but unflattering self pity sweater. But the best recipe is to just DO SOMETHING. Anything. Look forward. (Another post with some artwork on this theme very soon).
So, here's what I've been you to:

I found a part time flexible job to help with the money worries and be able to invest back into my business (Yay!) Very empowering, though I have to use windows for part of it, and windows drives me C R A Z Y.

Brainstormed grandiose ideas for the shop and implementing 2 or 3 very soon. (Highly recommended)

Taking charge of getting some exposure for my creations, which I work hard and put my heart into, why not reach out to people a bit. Psst, I was a music publicist before I quit to become a starving artist, hello? (I know) but I've always been shy about pimping myself. I'm sure you have felt this too?

I woke up this morning to an email that made me smile, my new brooches are featured on Modish today!

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Beth said...

Found your work on the PaperNStitch blog and just wanted to say that I love it! I'll have to check in with you again:)~Beth