Holy Moly

Yep, I dropped off the face of the internet. Seriously folks, I can't even count the times I've been on the computer in the last few weeks on two hands. I do this a couple times a year, a purging of sorts, that actually makes me realize how much I enjoy not being on the computer. The downside to this is numerous emails, online errands and projects that get left behind and leave you with this "I must get to that soon or I'm a terrible person feeling".

I had parents in town, sent my computer off to Apple Care (my laptop looks brand new), started a vegetable garden, I've been working insanely early hours at my part-time job which has been full time hours these past few weeks, which makes me come home in need of a beer and ample television time. I adore and appreciate weekends again.

Lots of new things on the horizon. My husband has started a web design business which I will be taking part in, more on this once things are in place online, I'm doing my first craft fair in 1 month. Indie Banditas Bazaar on Bainbridge Island, WA, June 5 and 6th.
I'll be playing a concert one of the nights in the chapel. craftyFOLK by day, musician by night! Awesome. More info on this to come.

P.s. Jacob just suggested we go pick up some hoes and work in the garden today. What a chap:)
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