Moving on up

In the next week or so I'll be launching the new craftyFOLK website. I'm "this close" to having a fully functional website that will be my portfolio, blog and shop. One web address that speaks for me as an illustrator, instead of here's my blog, here's my flickr, here's my etsy shop, etc... Hey, don't get me wrong, I'll still be using these fantastic tools constantly, but when working up a proposal for a job bid or trying to show off your wares to a prospective new shop to carry your pieces, it's not the most dynamite way to do this. The aesthetic will be all mine, isn't that a huge part of branding anyhow? Yippee! So I've been blog shy thinking that I'll be able to blog on my new blog platform soon. To all my subscribers, once the switch occurs, you'll probably have to re-bookmark. But it'll all be for the greater good, I promise. I'm most excited about being able to use coupon codes for the shop! This is good for you and good for me.

Here's a peek at a couple patterns I created for a few new wood cut brooches that I'll be debuting later this week in the shop.

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oh, hello friend. said...

hurray! how exciting for an all in one website! can't wait to see it :)

xo. danni