Typewriter Necklaces and Brooches. Now in the Shop.

New pieces in the shop, mustard yellow, red, and black typewriters, each available as either a necklace or brooch pin. I've resisted the whole necklace and pendant world, because I don't truly consider myself a jewelry maker. I felt making my designs into necklaces would secure my place in the jewelry world, I use these pieces as a vehicle for my illustration and design. I'm not knocking all the bazillion jewelry makers out there, please don't take offense or send hate mail. I DO on the other hand feel when I'm applying for a big craft show or listing yet another item on Etsy in the "jewelry" section, that I'm setting myself up for an uphill swim. I diversify my listings and plan on branching out more as time and funds allow, but until then I suppose I have my feet planted quite firmly in that deep category of the bazillion jewelry makers. I quite enjoy wearing my pieces, you can't carry a painting on canvas around with you all day can you? So there.

P.s. thank you to everyone who voted on the colors last week, I couldn't resist and made all three:) I think it's better that way anyhow.

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1 comment:

Erin said...

Where has your shop been, all my life?! :) Fabulous designs and colors! Rock on!