craftyFOLK featured on Decor8, how awesome is that?

I was up early due to this day job (snore), having my morning coffee and browsing my google reader, when I stumbled onto Decor8 which had posted about my Wooden Dala Horse Brooch. Aha! Awesome! I think I had a mini heart attack! I had no one awake to tell, I twittered and Elise of Argyle Whale responded with the appropriate amount of exclamation marks!! and CAPITAL LETTERS. This was a capital letter moment, and someone understood my excitement, thank you Elise:)

I've really been working hard at brainstorming new ideas, making those ideas into tangible pieces for the shop. With the holiday shopping season just about to ramp up I feel an excitement and urgency to do these things sooner and not sit on them for too long. A new brooch, necklace or custom design each week or two is a reasonable goal, more designs available for you to peruse and ultimately purchase (wink). I'm working what feels like non-stop and aiming to be a "Quit Your Day Job" story on Etsy in the future. I want craftyFOLK to support my family and be able to enjoy the good life, with health insurance! Cheers to that.

p.s. If any of my day job co-workers are reading this, no offense, you're great.
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Claudia Finn said...

Congrats!!That is a great place to get featured!! I love your artistic blog!!

Justin Snow said...

Aww! Glad I could celebrate your shining moment with you!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Hehe.. I accidentally commented on Justin's account. I'm sure he's happy for you too though ;).

decor8 said...

This is wonderful, I'm so happy to know of your excitement!!! And I love your horse, you are doing really sweet work. All the best to you...


Sarah - craftyFOLK said...

Thanks Claudia and Elise! (and Justin I suppose:)

Thanks Holly, it means a lot to me to hear that from you.

Back to work, crafty couch potato time. I do my best work on the couch.