Indie Banditas Bazaar

I love Saturday mornings, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with my laptop, brainstorming the day. This week has been good for sales and wholesale orders, which makes me very happy. I've got lots of crafty work to do this weekend, varnishing, packing, ordering supplies, drawing and designing a few new pieces. This week after Thanksgiving we head up to Seattle, then on a ferry to Bainbridge Island for the Indie Banditas Bazaar to sell my wares Nov 27th and 28th. My mission for the weekend is to make a banner for above my table that adds height and interest, I'm not on a wall, so this is a bit tricky. Any affordable, light weight suggestions out there?

I wanted to share a wedding piece I was commission for, it makes me want to go to Disney Land:) I lived in LA for years and only went a handful of times, I had a annual pass which was awesome.

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