Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale! Sunday Dec 13th

I am crazy today, just plain crazy. Running around, packing things, making things, waiting for things to dry, thinking to myself "where did this whole damn week go?"
All this madness leads up to the largest craft show I've ever done, and I'm very excited and scared that I'm under prepared for the throngs of shoppers that will run straight to my booth and start opening their pocketbooks for my goods. I've sent the husband to the post office and to get change, so I can varnish, pack, ribbon, cut, hole punch my little heart out.

If you are in Portland, come out tomorrow and stop by my booth and say 'hi' or you can buy something and say 'hi' which is even better:)
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Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you today :)

(I was the vendor right across from you, who has the vintage kids' fridge as a display )


TaMs* said...

I LOooooove your work. Just stumbled upon your blog and etsy shop. cute cute!