DIY bunting necklace using scrap leather

A few weekends ago I went to Scandinavian Designs to have a look around. I've always seen the building from the freeway calling my name, but hadn't ventured in there. There was a tray of leather samples in awesome colors and I couldn't resist taking a few home with me (I admit I took 3 of the mustard yellow & orange, in my mind I was rescuing them.) I had a few silver necklaces left over from an Etsy supply purchase that were not the right size for my typewriter necklaces, so I broke out my little hole punch to test if it'd punch through leather, and to my surprise it did. This is the finished product of only about 5 minutes worth of work and the funny part is I get more compliments on this than when I'm wearing a one of kind hand painted piece I labored over lovingly for hours.

DIY bunting necklace
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