Owl fabric in the making

I've been working on some more fabric designs for my Spoonflower page. I got my large sample swatch print out for proofing and I need to readjust some of the colors and the pattern sizing, especially for the typewriters. I'm going to have different size patterns available I think. There is also a San Francisco based company called DPI that I'm going to check out, they also do print by the yard with no minimum. I ordered a sample swatch book to check out the quality of the fabric.

One tip for you Spoonflower peeps designing your own fabric- I just ordered a fat quarter of the Linen-Cotton Canvas, my design repeat was fairly small, each typewriter about 1.5 inches (line drawing), the weave of the fabric was bigger than the design lines could handle, so the result was blurry looking, not good! I'm betting if I got the same size pattern printed on the quilting weight fabric or any flat small weave, it would have been beautiful and crisp. All my swatches came out beautifully as far as the print quality on the quilting weight, so I'm waiting until I figure out the sizing till I make the typewriters available. I've had lots of inquiries, so I just want to be sure it's all squared before you buy.

Over and out.
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kim smith said...

so awesome!!!!
Just came across your blog/etsy/twitter.
ah. love all your stuff so much.

happy blogging smiles to you!

Sarah - craftyFOLK said...

Thanks Kim! I just went and found you as well:)

Little Owlette said...

I got my Owl Stickers this morning!! OMG LOVE! I already have one stuck to the back of my cellphone... awesome in a can!!
I want this fabric... it would look AMAZING in my daughters nursery... Definitely a reblog!