Owl Stickers and a freebie for blogging

Owl Illustrated Stickers

These cute and colorful Owl Stickers are new in my shop. A few more designs coming soon, specifically Moog stickers.

*Freebie Alert*
Want a set of 12 of these owl stickers for free? Follow these steps!

1. blog about craftyFOLK (short and sweet is fine)
-include a photo of your favorite craftyFOLK item in the post
-a link back to my Etsy shop (www.craftyFOLK.etsy.com)

2. email me your blog link and mailing address -sarah(at)craftyFOLK.org

I'll cover the postage and send you stickers! International & US welcome. I get the word out and you get some free product. Awesome. Spread the word, tweet it up.

UPDATE: This is an ongoing thing, don't be shy:) I'll mark it here if it's not available anymore.

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carmenicole said...

Very neat idea! ;)

Butlers said...

Done and DONE sugar booger!!

Little Owlette said...

Awesome idea!!! Plus the stickers are super awesome!

Cherry Runway said...

Omgosh!! How cool! I didn't even know. :)

Camile said...

Love it!!!
I send you an email with my blog link, fingers cross to be the luck one to geti it.

K is for Calligraphy said...

I just blogged about the enchanting world of craftyFOLK! I will shoot you an email right now! Thank you Sarah for giving me a fun a great reason to blog more!
xo, Katy

K is for Calligraphy said...

oops here is my blog post link:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
I just received the stickers, thank you so much! It was my pleasure the spread the word around about your work!

jess said...

I absolutely love these! Would twittering count?