TO DO for today

My To Do List:
*fabric store for supplies
*remember the good idea i had before falling asleep
and was too lazy to get up and write it down, pinching myself now.
*desk calendar- so my self imposed deadlines can stare me down in plain sight.
*plant the seedlings that have found a semi-permanent home on the kitchen sill
*send thank you cards to rightful people.
*take photos of band shirts and get them up.
*get physical cd's up for sale somewhere and announce on myspace
*record and write this EP, which i sat down at the piano yesterday
and wrote a bit of a song that actually made me cry, i can't sing all choked up, so back
to sewing it was.
*decide and figure out cd artwork
*work on wedding invitations, that deadline is in stone and will creep up on me i just know it
*grocery shop
*wash the car
*practice - gig next week in Seattle
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