thrift store finds and beardy fellows

I scored a couple great fabrics at my favorite thrift store today, when
this happens I leave with a high of creativity and i'm planning
it's fate on the way home. This place is not for the faint of
heart though, it's a serious place with serious people that are
serious about their finds. Don't you hate when you make the
mistake of glancing in someone's basket and you see an item
you'd give a limb for? Ugh, that happened to me today, this
girl had the best, I mean absolute best piece of Scandinavian
design fabric that was gorgeous. Would have made a great
table runner for my kitchen table. Darn.

I'm making my first beardy fellow pillow. This is Sven & Jack.
Not completely done yet, they're missing something and I can't
quite put my finger on it. I'll get them up in the shop this weekend
hopefully if the finishing touches come together.
Gonna make some TBLT's for dinner tonight and watch a movie
with my sweetie. (That Turkey BLT's if you didn't know:)
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