final product

It's Saturday and my plans for the day are shaping up, I got up a bit earlier today and finished listing and tidying up my shop. Plans for the day are as follows. I'm going to work of two larger size paintings today, do some house cleaning, go for a walk, post office, get supplies for homemade sushi night (best sushi in Portland), finish up listing photos and such. My camera is really taking a dive I must say, only the macro setting seems to be working, which is a real drag when photos are integral to my shop. I just don't have the money to replace anything at this point, so i'm hoping it's just a moody technology quirk. Fingers crossed.
Onto the fun stuff- Here's a peek at the final product from the last two days of painting and stitching...all are up in the shop now.

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Anonymous said...

i really love your 'sweet" delicate work!
very fun, i am deciding what to get????

Alexandra said...

I love your brooches.So lovely. The colours are wonderful. I have hearted you in etsy for furture buying.

Arabela said...

People should read this.