oh me, oh my, oh my deer

Here is a new painting titled "Oh My Deer" that I finished last night while my old man was at a death metal show with his buddy:) I'm quite fond of this one. Measures 8 x 5.5 inches (20.32cm x 13.97cm) Acrylic paint, ink on vintage book cover. I think I'll add an optional ribbon to the back for hanging, so you can either hang on a nail or hang from the ribbon. I'll get this up in the shop later today. I'm in the midst of a cleaning overhaul of my craft room, which is a sun porch off of the kitchen. It's quite perfect for what I do, perhaps a tad small though. I'm missing a couple key functional furniture pieces though which makes organizing a little messier than i'd like. Piles of folded fabric will have to do for now. It's a long rectangle of a room with no upper wall space because of all the windows, which is great for the sunlight. In the Winter & Spring the natural light is amazing. During the Summer the grape vines grow and block most of that natural light, which I miss actually, but the grapes are ripe and delicious now, so they're forgiven. But when taking listing photos, I daydream of that natural light. I've got some crafty ideas brewing right now, with the holiday shopping season approaching it's important for me to get my shop items up early and keeping them replenished with new fresh items.

Here are a few of my goals-

*I'm going to sell gift certificates in different amounts. Nice handmade versions along with a digital copy too.

*have over 100 items in shop by November. More pillows, brooches, paintings.


*Cameo paintings

*Holiday cards - I have some cute ideas for winter themed paintings

*prints from original paintings

So much fun stuff to do!

Anyone else want to share their goals for their shop or just in general?
Bouncing around ideas is inspiring for sure.

Take care,
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pomegranates said...

i can't wait to see all the new additions to your shop. i too, have been brainstorming for creative ideas so i am hoping to add new things as well.