new painting, autumn and monster dolls

I'm happy to say that my Sophie Pillow made it to the front page of Etsy. Nice surprise to wake up and see a lot of traffic in the shop. Small steps make a big difference over the long run. I'm working on few things simultaneously right now, a new painting which i'm very happy with so far, finishing up the wedding invitations (which i can't wait to share how adorable and awesome they are), finishing up 2 pillows that I abandoned for a week and a half, some online design overhauls (mainly band stuff, but also for the shop),
and laundry. Laundering curtains more specifically, I think that would be a good transition into autumn project. I'm so excited for the fall season, wood fires and hot chocolate will be very welcome in my house!

So here is the new painting i'm working on, I hope to finish it tonite and get it in the shop tonite or in the morning. Depends how easy the listing photos come about. It's laying on a great piece of vintage green furry fabric that I scored at the thrift store yesterday. I'm going to make a few dolls out of. I'm thinking monsters or dinosaurs of some sort, great for my little brother who is seven, of course i'll post some photos of how those turn out.
Have a great Monday folks!
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