prolific Sunday and Monday, new stuff

I've had a nice creative downpour the last couple days, I've been working more hours than I even realize and have to force myself to sleep. Got to see some old friends that were passing through town on Sunday, two different sets of friends. I hadn't left the house in days, so it was a nice change of pace to go to brunch with my old boss Judy from Motormouthmedia, her husband Marc and Kara (who is the new tour publicist, that use to be me). Yummy bacon & eggs with latkes. Thank you Miss Judy for breakfast! Then we met up with my very much pregnant belly friend Paula and her husband Des from Salt Lake City. This was also a planned "move to Portland assault". I'm determined to get a few of my friends up here. I'm working hard on Sherrie & Tony, I'm fairly confident they'll cave at some point. They're of the artsy ilk and need to get out of Los Angeles, a city that likes to take your creative energy and well, kill it. I'm afraid Gary and Mark will not budge, they enjoy LA in all it's seedy glory.

Onto the new work, they are all up in the shop now:)

Little Miss Fox

Miriam the Bunny

Polly and Henry

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CitizenRobots said...

We come visit soon - if you can pour enough beer into me maybe I'd be convinced!