Brainstorming Project Runway Menu

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm so excited for Project Runway this week that my deary and I are going to have a special dinner and cocktails. I want a festive cocktail that won't give me a terrible hangover like those Mint Juleps that I made awhile ago. I made them so strong and served them in pint glasses, ouch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

My sister-in-laws and I make what we call "squeezy sqeezies." Basically a lemon drop.

::In a martini shaker with ice::

-1/2 lime squeezed
-1/2 other citrus (I like blood oranges)
-8 count pour vodka
-3 to 4 count pour triple sac
-tsp. to taste simple syrup

Shake and serve in sugar rimmed martini glass.