Shop Update and Baking

The past few days, I've holed up in the house, painted and watched The West Wing Season One. I just finished and need to go get Season Two quickly! I love when you get into a series and there are plenty of seasons ahead of you to satisfy your dvd psychosis.
I baked a pear tart which is absolutely to die for and the perfect breakfast, afternoon and after dinner treat. There really isn't a bad time for pie. Yes, I know that I called it a tart, but that's only because "pear pie" sounds atrocious:) I don't use the regular ol' pie pan when making pies, I use a free form rustic style just putting it straight onto the cookie sheet. It gets the crust crispy and delicious.
Here's a photo and perhaps I'll share my recipe sometime.

I've added a few special pieces to the shop. Two brooches and two original pieces.
Here they are:

Happy Tuesday,
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'fancypicnic' said...

So glad I found you...thanks to the Etsy front page...congratulations xx