Resin, a blanket and magnets

Today I poured resin for about 25 cameos, man was that a crazy task. This was my first time working with something that had to be mixed perfectly and poured in certain circumstances with heat, non-dusty, yadda yadda. I'm not one for these kind of projects, we'll see if it sticks:) I hope the final outcome is beautiful and that will build my confidence with it and i'll be gung ho to do another round. I really want to hit my goal of 100 items in the shop by December 1st. With a wedding coming up in 2 weeks (yay for myself) and other things on the plate like recording a record this can prove to be a bit overwhelming. That's when all I can muster is sitting on the couch, watching some TV and clearing my head. I still like to be productive and knitting or crocheting is very therapeutic for me, so here's what I started last night when in a creative slump. I've been more of a knitter in the past, but crochet has my vote these days. Beginnings of a blanket -

Also, i've added a set of magnets to the shop. I'm quite enamored with magnets lately. These are from this design here. I want to get fabric made from this design, I'd be tickled pink.

Happy Halloween Eve,
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oh hello friend said...

i love love love the magnets! def. on my list of things to buy next :)