A New House + A Fresh Start = Moving (which kinda sucks and is awesome all at the same time)

I've been a craigslist addict lately looking for a new place to live. We have found it and made it official yesterday. I'm so relieved and excited I can barely contain my decorating brain. The house we're in now suited our needs great for the year that we were here, but the space isn't as user friendly for us and we decided to downsize into a smaller place in order to save money so I could really put more time and energy into craftyFOLK. We were fully accepting that we'd be moving into an apartment or duplex, which can be a hard adjustment after living within all your own walls in a house for quite some time, but once again the rental gods have smiled upon me and my obsessive ways and thought patterns when searching for a new abode...we found a house. For what we were expecting to pay for an apartment, we have found a cute little unassuming house with wood floors and a wood stove. A little further out, but it's all ours which makes it worth it. I've already mapped out how far I'll be to Michaels and it made me very very happy. I'll have to share some pictures once I get in there, some before and afters would be fun. One thing I really want to put a ton of time into from the start is my workstation, finding really functional furniture and shelving is key!

Because I don't have any photos to look at and get inspiration, I sketched myself a layout of the house to make plans with.

*note the "coffeemaker" area that looks about the size of a closet. This will be our Hot Beverage Station with the espresso machine, coffee maker and kettle. Woohoo!
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Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Congratulations! I actually really enjoy moving and getting rid of stuff. New spaces are so inspiring!

moonlightgrrl said...

How awesome!! It looks like a great little house :-)