The satisfaction in eating bread that you baked yourself is, well...satisfying. Recipe courtesy of the lovely Smitten Kitchen.

I am finally pouring the resin tonight in my new brooches. In the next few days they'll be in the shop. My plan for balancing the impending move with working, is to work hard up until next Wednesday, and then cut back those hours to start packing. Then I'll work on making the new place a home as quick as I can so that I can be productive in my new creative organized workspace!
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Jacqueline said...

That bread looks yummie! Is always so fun to bake. Oh, can't wait to see those brooches in the shop! n__n Nice moving plan! Hope your having a lovely merry weekend!

Sarah said...

Hi Jacqueline, i'll have some cameos in the shop later today:)
You have a good weekend too!