A Snag.

I know I promised a shop update a few days ago with the new cameos. Well, I had a horrific time pouring the resin this go around. Bottom line, it is just too cold, ideal temperature for good results is between 70-80 degrees and that is just not happening. The pantry in the new house shall be better conditions I hope. I'm grateful I did a test run and only lost 2 pieces.

I've been packing all day and going through boxes I never even unpacked when we moved here (terrible!). I blame it on the fact that we had all our belongings in storage for a full year while we were in England, it's amazing what you don't miss when you do that. When we moved in last year, after hauling all those boxes from another state, the last thing I wanted to do was open all of them and create more work for myself. I'd tackle a box or two every few months and it felt like Christmas.

Side note-
There is a stuffed squirrel animal that sits a top the piano in my studio, which I thought Jacob has had since he was a child. I was chatting with him and saying how special it'll be when he can give that little squirrel to our son or daughter one day. He looked at me and said "that's not mine, I thought it was yours"...Mr. Mystery Squirrel must've been left here by the last tenants. Amazing how in 2 seconds that squirrel went from being a sweet sentimental creature to a dirty strangers stuffed animal.

Amazing how much paper nonsense we accumulate! This is one of my "to be better at" things in life.
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ada and the fox said...

the mystery squirrel comes a bids you warm welcomes, where it comes from who knows?!

so i came here to let you know that you have been tagged...see my blog for my info http://mylittlebighead.blogspot.com/2009/02/little-witch-was-tagged.html

p.s. i love the new banner...