A Short Hiatus

Hello all,

I'll be taking a short hiatus while moving into the new house, not sure how smoothly the internet transition will be. We get the keys tomorrow, I'm so excited to get in there and clean and begin hanging things on the wall. We are knee deep in boxes at the moment, sore and keep randomly expressly how much work moving is. We have friends moving back up here in a few weeks from another state and I find a guilty comfort in the fact that we are only moving a couple miles away. Sorry George and Natasha:) We know how much work it is and can't wait for you get up here!

P.S. IKEA is recalling their Iris and Alvine blinds, which I happen to have purchased for most of my windows in this house. Return them and you get a full refund! Better to start baby proofing before kids, so we don't have to replace things down the road. Okay, I admit I'm using this as an excuse to pick out new blinds or curtains:)

UPDATE: I took back all my blinds (eight total) and got a $110 gift card(!!!). I can't believe I paid that much, I was expected maybe $40 in credit, $60 if we were lucky. I felt like 110 bucks walking around shopping after eating a yummy lunch, drinking coffee and sharing a slice of apple cake with my sweet hubby.

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