The Tudors, Etsy, Show, New Listing and Feeling Lazy

"Charlotte, The Girls With Antlers"

Acrylic and pencil on paper and wood
3.25 x 3.25 inches x 1 inch (8.25cm x 8.25cm x 2.55cm)

This past week has been a real strange one. Very stressful, but it seems that a few things are about to settle into place. Two specific scenarios that I really need to happen or else I might lose my mind. I do not want to jinx anything before the ink drys, so I will keep my lips sealed till I can let the cat of the bag. Fingers crossed that within the next two days I can tell.

Moving on, I've been keeping my thoughts occupied with creative busy work. The paintings I had mentioned in my last post, Affordable Original Art Series: Part One are all in the shop as of now. They are quite charming I must say. I've added a new piece this morning, "Charlotte, The Girls With Antlers" to the shop. Now, I'm watching The Tudors, wishing I could type without looking at the keys, so I could watch and type at the same time:) Something to work towards. I was doing some online typing exercises, but fell out of it.

On the musical side, I'm playing a solo show tonight in Portland, so I must warm up and practice a bit before I head out this evening.
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