Danke. 100 sales and Jools Holland.

Well, I had big plans for when I hit 100 sales. But it came and went so fast! I've had a welcomed jump in sales, nice notes, visitors over the last week or so due to some wonderful press opportunities. I'm working hard on the next new items to go in the shop. Miss Knit has proven to be a popular gal these days! So here's to 111 sales to date, it's a solid number, but 1111 sounds even better:)

It's rainy and wonderful in Portland today. Jacob and I had a wonderful early afternoon date of going for croissants, cappuccinos and a movie. We saw Away We Go, it was the perfect movie to see today, vibey, good music and good company.

Also, I noticed that the Later with Jools Holland episode with Jacob on is playing tomorrow about three times. Try to catch it, it's the one with Hot Chip, Sheryl Crow, Liza Minnelli and Jacob Golden:) On my cable it's channel 274 OVTV (Ovation TV).
Perhaps you'll spy me sitting in the audience with a pint in my hand, the British know how to treat a television audience! This was filmed early last year while we were on tour, it's the best television music program there is, high profile and eclectic. I wish we had something like it here in the states.

Back to drawing,
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