Birthday Cake Illustration and Thank You's

We need more cake in our lives, right? Lots of drawing, working, packaging going on around here. I'm uber estatic that sales have picked up from a few choice blog features (see below) and the awesomeness of being in the current issue of Frankie Magazine, it feels great and I want to build on the momentum. It's almost transitioning into the holidays and I really REALLY want to be able to deliver craftyFOLK goodness to all of you this holiday season. I have some big ideas and as with most things, there are a few hurdles when it comes to the actual production of these ideas, like a good printer. I need a printer to make these things happen, but I also need to save money for the Renegade Holiday show in San Francisco (due in about 1 month). They cost about the same amount, so I'm torn about what to do. Hmmph.

Thank you to Jars of Cute for featuring Miss Knit today!

And thank you to Team Knit for featuring Miss Knit and my illustrated Knitting Cameos today as well!
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Pretty Neat Designs said...

I vote for more cake in our lives!