New Fave: The Pin Pals

I stumbled upon The Pin Pals shop via the new Etsy feature 'Suggested Shops' in my favorites section. I'm enjoying this way of browsing so much more than sifting through the heaps of the not so great. The Pin Pals make handmade goodies from Montreal and I'm smitten with not only the wonderful items, but also the packaging. Fun!

My birthday is right around the corner and this pin above would be much loved. (hint hint, dear family/friends)

Find them around the web-
The Pin Pals Etsy Shop
The Pin Pals blog
The Pin Pals on Facebook
The Pin Pals on Twitter

I'm going to take advantage of the sunshine today and get some more product photos done. I have notebooks, pocket mirrors & wallets to get in the shop. Feeling good.
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rp said...

wow, i want all of it!

tammy said...

great find! much agreed on the suggested shop feature.