Wood Camera Lapel Pin

Wood Camera Lapel Pin, originally uploaded by craftyFOLK.

I've been quite unfocused this week I feel, only because I have so many ideas I want to execute in time for Renegade SF at the end of July. I'm giving myself the month of May for designing & trying new ideas. Then June and July are about the execution of said ideas that pass the prototype test.

I like the fact that you can blog straight from Flickr, I'm testing it out with this post. There aren't any easy html code buttons, but for a basic eye candy post, it's quite nice.

Update: When posting straight from Flickr there was an unsavory 2px border around the photo. You can remove it by editing the imbedded code to 0px. Yay.
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lady luff said...

That pin is the cutest thing I have seen all week! I want I want I want!!

tammy said...

adorable. i love your style -- so inspirational.

Vanessa said...

Love that pin!!