first tiny house plushie

This is my first tiny house plushie. I love the
Holly Hobbie vibe of it. It's up in the shop as
of now. I plan to make a whole village, I would've
loved these as a kid to play dolls with. You could hang
them on the wall or have them on a bed or couch.
I had this one on a shelf above my work station as inspiration.

Today has been a bit of a slow burning day, i've yet to get out of my
pajamas and it's 5:42pm. Sometimes I get more done in my
pj's in a whole day than most people in suits, so I don't feel too bad.

I have oodles of ideas and noodles for brains right now, time for a coffee i suspect.
I'm going to see the X-Files at the Laurelhurst tonight. I love a theater that serves
good beer and pizza and is only $3. I love you Laurelhurst Theater, truly.
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