Holidays and Pikaland

Really brainstorming hand made holiday gifting for this year. I have a lot of updating in the shop to do, balancing that with making my personal holiday gifts can be tricky. My gifting goals for the rest of this week are to get started baking and make some rice bags. You heat them in the microwave for a heat pack, they are wonderful on your shoulders. I made one with mung beans for myself because that was the only rice or legume that had been sitting in the pantry for awhile, the smell is kinda musty and sweet, but not for everyone...I may experiment on different beans, but rice it just may be.

Part of the December Pikapackage Project is up on Pikaland, including yours truly. I sent in sets of my vintage coffee pot magnets and the matching cup magnets that I have yet to put in the shop, also a few assorted brooches. I'm excited to be amidst such great talent, very inspiring indeed.

I can't say enough about how much I love my new immersion hand blender. I'm becoming a master of Butternut Squash soup.

Off to work,
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