I'm Back!

Well, it's been an extremely eventful few weeks, hence my lack of updates. After my last entry I came down with the flu for a week, got married, honeymooned, Thanksgiving'd, drove a ton of miles, now I'm getting back into the swing of things back at home. Preparing for the holidays, wholesale orders, crafting gifts, organizing house and resting is on my schedule. This year has been a very busy one with lots of change, with moving states, touring abroad and in the states for months, getting hitched and all sorts of peaks and valleys. I welcome a more organized and mellow 2009, we shall see.

Upcoming this week -
I'll be working on a ton of new cameos this week.
Artwork layout of my friend Catherine Feeny's new record. Perhaps I'll get to post some photos well before the release.
Holiday cards and tons of thank you cards to be written.

Thank you to the b-line for featuring my bicycle cameo:)

Happy December,
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oh hello friend said...

glad to see you're back dear! <3

jessicajane said...

aw congrats on the marriage!!