I got duped by the promise of Spring.

I was fairly warned numerous times that Portland will give you a little taste of the beautiful spring feeling, then snatch it away when you least expect it and dump more winter on you. I completely fell for it, though I promised myself I wouldn't. Right in the middle of my garden making plans and homework on what plants to put in the ground in the next few weeks, grandiose ideas of me refurbishing some yard sale furniture out in the sunshine whilst sipping tea and wearing only 2 layers instead of 4...it snowed today, it also hailed and rained.

But I did add a few new fun things to the shop.

I've had a Michael McDonald song stuck in my head since last week. Justin Timberlake did a great impression of him on the Jimmy Fallon show last week and ever since I can't go more than 20 minutes without singing it... Thanks JT.
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Anonymous said...

I love that yarn and needles brooch. So cute!

Butlers said...

These are so lovely! I cant wait to see them in person!

pomegranates said...

your work is so lovely. i really need to bump up my sales so i can get one of your darling works. so, i was wondering if you could email me your address so i can send some tea your way?
it's hellosparrow at gmail dot com :)