A good balance of hand made and machine made

Now that I'm doing craft shows, I needed bags. Cost effective little paper bags that serve as an advertisement and are in line with craftyFOLK aesthetic. I bought a 100 bags for a very decent price at Papermart, I chose pink because I'm the boss. I hand carved the bunny stamp, which gives it a great hand hewn vibe and I ordered a custom stamp from Rose City Stamps (go Portland!). I use these stamps on just about everything, my boxes, notes, tags, etc...

Oh no, the AC just stopped, I better go empty the tank before I melt...
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oh, hello friend. said...

hi friend!

i LOVE this! such nice bags.. and your hand carved stamp is super legit. I wish I could carve something cool like that.

thanks for stopping by my blog + for your sweet comment ;)

i hope you've been well and business is great for you!


little mo and friends said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and i am in love with your illustrations:) they are so so so sweet! Good luck in your show, I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!


iva yaneva said...

these are lovely! you did a great job with that hand carved stamp - I know from experience how hard it can be :)

have a lovely day!

katy said...

love it!

Sarah - craftyFOLK said...

you guys are all so sweet:)
thank you for the comments!