Write Every Day, a new illustration for inspiration

Great advice, right? I'm trying to do a drawing each day (I'll share the better ones), seems a no brainer since that's what I do, but I get so caught up in all the other details and with Ye Old Computer that I tend to lose sight of that. Being a small business entrepreneur, I definitely get sucked into the business side a wee more than I prefer. Finding that balance where art supports the business and business supports the art I am searching for it. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Okay, time for some wine and television to balance my day out:)

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1 comment:

oh, hello friend. said...

a drawing a day is fabulous! :) i was thinking how i really need to do a design a day or something..

maybe if you even kept a blog to keep you accountable since you'd post the drawing daily -- that's what a lot of my illustrator + artist friends did! it was cool.. or start a group with some other illustrator friends!

xo. danni