New Horse and Bow Brooches and Necklaces

There are 3 new designs in my Etsy shop. Two polka dot bows, green/beige and black/beige, available as either brooches or necklaces & a dala horse brooch, which I'm smitten with. I love Swedish design and this is my ode to Sweden. This time I wanted to incorporate my pattern work, in the big picture I want to extend my illustrative work into textile design, so this is a good way for me to build upon my library of original patterns in a way that supports both the present and the future. Both these patterns began with a pen and paper, then scanned and digitally colored. I love photoshop and I love my sketchbook, we work well together.
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Tija said...

hi! love your new brooches and patterns! and you make beautiful music!! at the moment i'm listening to "you are a sailor". i should have found it yesterday -- would much better fit sunday evening then this sleepy monday morning, when even my coffee doesn't help..
anyway -- music is great!!

Sarah - craftyFOLK said...

Thank you so much Tija:) Glad you're enjoying the tunes! It's nice you ventured over to the musical side.